About Redline Hot Shot Trucking and Transport

Redline Hot Shot & Transportation was established in January 2013 by Carlos & Jennifer Rodriguez with one simple mission, provide superior transportation services.  The story speaks for itself. Striving for dependability, the Redline team thrive in the hot shot trucking industry and specialize in transporting oil & gas equipment.

Fast. Cost Efficient. Dependable.

Three words that describe Redline Hot Shot & Transportation are fast, cost efficient, and dependable.

Along with quick services, Redline is also dependable. It’s one thing to be fast and another to be fast and dependable. We provide reliable facilities and abide by a diligent process in order to protect your time, equipment, and wallet.

Cost efficiency is a dime in a dozen. With competitive pricing and efficient oilfield transportation, Redline prioritizes efficient services with reasonable rates.